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EBL Ziplines is the nation's PREMIER INSTALLER of canopy zipline tours and operations. No other company has the expertise, knowledge, installation experience, or infrastructure to assist you better when it comes to your project. Whether we build it and walk away, train your staff, or fully operate your tour, we provide the structure necessary for success. No other vendor, program, or franchise can offer you this level of service for canopy zipline tours.

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Founded in 1996 primarily as a corporate team building firm and ropes challenge course construction, EBL was hired in 2002 to install the first zipline tour in the United States in Maui, Hawaii. EBL has been in the forefront of this emergent market ever since. Founder, Steve Gustafson has often been coined as, "The inventor of the modern day zipline," having overseen and installed the first six (6) tours in the United States, some 50 projects overall.

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Our U.S. Patents (No. 8,985,028) (No. 9,415,780), (No. 9,814,989) allow us to create zipline towers with more than one zip cable extending from a tower platform, allowing for multiple guests experiences, side by side zipping, and safer terminations. CLICK HERE to learn more. Other patents cover our ability for floating decks and platforms on water and a new Zip in A Box francise business model.

EBL has the operational and installation experience to achieve your business goals. If you have seen canopy tours on TV, read about ziplines in an article, or already participated on a tour, odds are it was an EBL consulted, installed, trained, or operated tour!

Other Notable Facts About EBL!

  • Original installer of Zipline Tours in the USA (ground to ground)
  • Creators of the "Zero Elevation Tour©"
  • Own and partner our own canopy tours and zipline courses
  • Profitable canopy tours and zipline course designs and business models
  • Installation of ground based and tree top based canopy tours
  • Engineering allows EBL to construct upwards of 3,000 foot spans
  • Provides rigorous inspection schedules and course specific training
  • No hand braking required canopy tours (helps prevent injury)
  • Direct point of purchase: EBL does not resell other companies designs
  • Ongoing destructive testing of our own equipment for quality control
  • Work with ISO 9001 registered companies for safety equipment
  • Safety equipment exceeds NFPA commercial ratings
  • Multi - Engineer Approved & "Wet Stamped" designs / calculations
  • Over 28 years of industry experience
  • Exceptionally clean business record


Are you interested in ziplines? If so, you have found us and come to the right place! In the growing industry of canopy zipline tours, EBL is the premier installer of canopy tours (based in tree tops) in the United States and the first to install Zipline Tours (based from ground-to-ground points). We have the operational and installation experience to acheive your business goals.
Safety First

Maintaining the safety and comfort of all customers is our number 1 priority. Many tour concerns may be minimized through proper planning of course operation procedures. A professional attitude toward customer well-being will ensure a long history of positive client experiences.

Our courses are engineered for safety! EBL has developed custom harnesses, pulleys, and safety lanyards in conjunction with an ISO-9001 registered company. All lanyards, pulleys, and carabiners are selected and designed specifically for their industrial use and operation with zipline ecology tours.

Training & Development

Proper training and development are essential components for tour operations. Zip line tours require a high level of professionalism and an eye for detail.

Training consists of harness, helmet, and pulley attachment and placement on ziplines. From pre-zip safety checks between guides on the tour, client well-being is always doubled checked for accuracy.

Installation Types & Operations

Since 2002, EBL has created some of the most dramatic, breath-taking zipline canopy tours in the US, created the current common practices for installation and operational practices, professionally engineered tours (designs, platforms, and termination methods), conducted destructive testing of our practices, and assisted the Professional Ropes Course Association with the acceptance of standards for construction, installation, and training. No other company has the expertise, knowledge, installation experience, or infrastructure to assist you better than EBL when it comes to your zipline canopy tour project.

Fully Operated

An EBL Fully-Operated Tour means we take care of everything from construction to staffing to maintenance and simply pay you to operate on your property. It is the least amount of work for you, but you still benefit from attracting new visitors to your venue while generating income from the property.

Licensed Addition

A zipline canopy tour at your venue can be a great way to attract more adventurists and add revenue. An EBL Licensed Tour agreement means we design and build the tour, train your staff, do the routine maintenance inspections for an annual fee, but the tour is yours to promote and run on a daily basis.

It's In Our Nature

EBL practices and installation techniques are environmental friendly. We implement arborist-approved installation practices when natural trees are used, which leave trees in better condition than before tour installation. Dead limb trimming, canopy lighting, ground compaction control, insect control, and other "green" practices, allow for continued tree health and proper function of tour engineered safety systems. Ongoing maintenance to ensure continued tree health is a part of our practices. The long term health of the ecology is a primary design consideration and all efforts are made to minimize the footprint of the construction & operation of tours.

EBL Fundamentals

As an industry leader, EBL has principles that have become common practice for many courses. Some vendors have their own ideas, but we feel that there are safer ways to enjoy the thrills of canopy and zipline tours. Here are a few explanations to questions that many ask about just what separates us from other vendors...

What Makes EBL Different From Other Vendors?

EBL has specialized in programming over the years and intends to continue delivering quality tours and programs. This experience in conjunction with our building expertise platforms us to understand both sides of the business experience. Further, we own and operate our own tour locations. EBL promotes a down scaled approach to tour construction projects, starting with the end in mind and working backwards to ensure budgeting for training, gear replacement, inspection, and then construction. This more managed view allows for better integration into other existing programs and less of a strain on the annual budget. This allows us to provide our clients with straight talk and avoid a "hard sale". Actually, we have talked organizations out of building tours because we did not want our name associated with a large scale construction regret. EBL is driven on quality, not volume.

Will Your Construction Methods Meet The PRCA Installation Standards?


All EBL courses exceed the voluntary industry minimum guidelines. EBL has established its own set of building practices which have been reviewed and endorsed by structural engineers and call for superior products. Further, EBL contributes to and constructs tours to the installation standards set forth by the Professional Ropes Course Association (PRCA). EBL is an Accredited Vendor with the PRCA.

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What Types of Training Do You Provide That Would Assist Us In Our Course Operation?

All EBL locations receive an in depth training specifically designed for that tour location and course demands. All guides pass not only a classroom component but also a practical skills test and a mentorship period.

How Do You Inspect A Canopy Tour? What Do You Inspect?

EBL conducts "wrench on" inspections. Everything on the canopy zipline tour is examined: bolts, rope, clamps, utility poles, clamp tension, cable, tree selection, tree health, platforms, welds, policy and procedure manuals, operating practices, risk management plan, and so on. A written report of inspector findings will be issued to the location and kept on file.

Want to Join the EBL Family?

With locations all across the United States, EBL is, without a doubt, the premier installer and industry leader of canopy zipline tours and operations. We are excited you have taken time to learn more about us. If you believe that EBL can provide expertise and value on your ultimate outdoor experience, please fill out our short form to get started!